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Tom Clark's Main Event is the flagship podcast from Boink Studios! Tom discusses all things pro wrestling, with a different topic on every show. Those topics come from companies including New Japan, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and primarily WWE. Tom's one-man show does occasionally feature guest stars, like WWE Superstars Randy Orton and The Big Show! Tom is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, Sportskeeda and The Camel Clutch Blog. For more content, go to

Mar 16, 2017

Episode 71 deals with WWE WrestleMania 33, including the build to the event on April 2, as well as the card that's being booked, plus how the company is facing many challenges when it comes to the matches, the storylines, and why it's a delicate balancing act for everyone involved

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Mar 2, 2017

Episode 70 is Big Show's time to shine, as the former seven-time world champion discusses his weight loss, his feud with Braun Strowman, his views on today's WWE locker room, as well as the rumored WrestleMania 33 match between him and NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal

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Feb 1, 2017

Episode 69 is Tom's exclusive interview with Charlie Ebersol, the man behind ESPN's 30 For 30 films' "This Was the XFL." Charlie goes into great detail about the birth and death of Vince McMahon's football league, including Dick Ebersol's participation, as well as the possibility of an XFL revival, plus the lasting...

Jan 30, 2017

Episode 68 deals with WWE's Royal Rumble event, which saw new champions crowned, and many surprises along the way including wild moments from the Rumble match itself, confrontations between Superstars, big names that didn't show up, as well as the ultimate surprise in the man that won the match, Randy Orton


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Jan 8, 2017

Episode 67 deals with New Japan star Kenny Omega and his recent match with IWGP heavyweight champion Okada, as well as how New Japan's hard hitting style has impacted WWE in terms of talents working too dangerous while also not taking the proper time to tell the story in the ring

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